Technology and Product Roadmap

Wide bandgap (WBG) semiconductor materials facilitate revolutionary changes in power electronics and enable a drastic increase of electric energy conversion efficiency and an increase in the power density of electric systems. The implementation of new efficient power electronics should speed up the electrification and efficient use of electric energy in many application areas with large energy savings as a result.

We have developed a technology and product roadmap for WBG electronics. This roadmap provides knowledge about materials, devices, application fields, renewable energy sources and market potentials of advanced power electronics.

Technology & Product Roadmap

We have organised regional stakeholder workshops to discuss and optimise the regional relevance of the technology and product roadmap.
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Regional factors for market acceptance of power electronics

The market uptake of power electronics for green applications is strongly influenced by local factors such as policies and regulations. We have compiled relevant aspects influencing the market uptake of power electronics for green applications for some countries and regions around the Baltic Sea. The regional mapping provides insight into the relevant policies and regulations, market drivers and implementation barriers in the different countries of the Baltic Sea Region.

Regional Roadmap