Here you can find a collection of publications developed in the course of the Green PE project.

Green PE Roadmaps

This roadmap provides general background information to the localised roadmaps of the development towards the implementation of green energy in the Baltic Sea Region presented in a separate document (Regional Mapping of the sectorial specialization for different countries/regions).
Download ‘Transnational Technology & Product Roadmap'(PDF)
This output presents the compilation of relevant factors influencing the market uptake of power electronics for green applications at regions and countries participating in the Green PE project.
Download ‘Regional Roadmap’ (PDF)

Application fields: Renewable Energies, Smart Houses and E-mobility

Learn more about the results of the Green PE pilot within the application field of renewable energies.
Download ‘Technical Report – Renewable Energies’ (PDF)
A presentation of the activities provided by the Green PE project to demonstrate new concepts and solutions for applications of advanced power electronics within the pilot on ‘Smart Houses’.
Download ‘Technical Report – Smart Houses’ (PDF)
This technical report presents the activities and results that demonstrate new solutions for applications of advanced power electronics within the e-mobility sector.
Download ‘Technical Report – E-Mobility’ (PDF)
This document contents an evaluation of the Green PE pilot demonstrators and shows their impact on the industrial growth in the Baltic Sea Region within renewable energies, e-mobility and smart houses.
Download ‘Evaluation and case studies of the pilot demonstrators’ (PDF)

Technology Consulting

In this presentation you can find the results of the technology consulting projects the research partners carried out during the project’s lifetime.
Download presentation ‘Technology Consulting for SMEs’ (PDF)

Matchmaking Events

This document summarises the outcomes of the matchmaking events that were organised in Stockholm in connection with international events in the area of applied power electronics.
Download document ‘Outcome of the Matchmaking Events organised during the international PE workshops’ (PDF)