The consortium of the GreenPE consist of a cross-sector mix:

The research institutions provide state-of-the art knowledge about new materials (such as SiC, GaN) and technologies (packaging, cooling, failure monitoring) in Advanced PE. They contribute with their research expertise to the roadmapping, the demonstration pilots and run together with the companies and the technology consulting of companies providing also the necessary laboratory infrastructure for reliability tests of the novel technology.

The companies’ main focus is the participation in one of the three demonstration pilots in renewable energies, e-mobility and smart houses. They take the role of technology suppliers and system integrators in the demonstration pilots collaborating together with the research partners. Moreover, the industry partners contribute to roadmapping and to the dissemination of the pilot results.

The partners from business development, technology transfer and cluster organisations support the involvement of regional companies and stakeholders from their networks in the roadmapping process through the organisation of workshops. They communicate and market the project findings and the opportunities of Advanced PE to the relevant companies in the Baltic Sea Region (i. e. roadmapping results, case studies from the demonstration pilots and technology consulting). Each partner organises local stakeholder meetings and individual company visits to disseminate and market the potentials of Advanced PE. In addition, they support the recruitment of companies which are interested to carry out technology consulting together with the research partners within their specific technological scope.

The project collaborates with 14 associated partners consisting of companies and institutions from the Baltic Sea Region.