The project Green Power Electronics will enhance the capacity of Baltic Sea Region companies to take up advanced power electronics into their R&D strategies and investment planning. Advanced power electronics is based on new materials and is a disruptive technology enabling the energy supply chain to increase energy efficiency. The novel technology is expected to enter the markets within the next 3 – 7 years. Challenges regarding the reliability under harsh conditions, economic viability of the transition towards advanced power electronics as well as general agreement on the technology and quality standards need to be overcome.

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During the project period we carry out three pilots between companies and research institutions within the sectors renewable energies, i.e. wind energy, e-mobility and smart houses. Through these pilots we demonstrate the technical maturity, reliability and economic feasibility of advanced power electronics. more

Bar-Chart-128We market the technical and economic opportunities of advanced power electronics to companies in the Baltic Sea Region. SMEs will develop their individual technology roadmaps to take up this novel technology.

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