Green PE company visit at JSC “BOD Group”

JSC “BOD Group” is the largest manufacturer of industrially pre-recorded CD, DVD and Blu-ray discs in the Baltic States. It is one of the most modern groups in Central and Eastern Europe owning two plants in Vilnius (Lithuania) and Tallinn (Estonia). The total capacity of BOD Group plants in Vilnius (JSC “BRD”) and Tallinn (AS “Baltic Disc“) is more than 70 million compact discs per year. In July 2011, at Vilnius “BRD” plant, the company opened a Blu-ray Disc manufacturing complex, which was the first in the Baltic Countries and Scandinavia.

Meeting results

Before the meeting, Green PE partner, the Applied Research Institute for Prospective Technologies (Protech), invited JSC “BOD Group” to distribute information about the upcoming company visit among their contacts with possible interest in Green PE topics. As a result, JSC “SOLITEK R&D” and JSC “MODUS ENERGY” joined the meeting which opened the opportunity to expand the project’s outreach.

The company visit resulted in in-depth discussions about the project findings on advanced power electronics and the opportunities of further collaborations between Green PE and the participating companies. Furthermore, it was decided to implement advanced power electronics into JSC “BOD Group” R&D strategies, investment planning as well as to consider advanced power electronics within the development of an individual technology roadmap.