Green PE company visit at Horn-Group Aps.

The Danish company Horn-Group Aps. produces and develops quality windows with integrated ventilation manufactured in Lithuania. The VentilationVinduet represents such a ventilation window which won the price for the Best Green Product in 2016.
The company’s main focus is on integrating the window in new buildings allowing a good indoor climate that ensures fresh natural air – without compromising on the building requirements – including requirements for the ventilation in buildings.

Meeting results

Due to a new Danish Building Regulation in Denmark, ventilation now can take place through the window frame – windows can be built with installed ventilation.
During the visit, the representatives from Horn-Group Aps. informed the Green PE project partners about the operating principle of the ventilation window:

  • The valve system in the windows is thermostatic without the need for electricity.
  • The valve system is also available with electric motors which require a power supply via network or battery.

Horn-Group Aps. aims for an integrated solution with advanced power electronics, where the power for the valve system is delivered from a small photovoltaic (PV) system and a lithium battery.

During their meeting with Horn-Group Aps., the Green PE partners from the University of Southern Denmark and CLEAN provided essential input on different solutions regarding the best placement for PV panels on the ventilation windows and, based on the results of the Green PE demonstration pilots, pointed a way for a more efficient energy use within the ventilation windows.
Furthermore, the project partners and the representative of Horn-Group Aps. developed plans on how future collaborations between the company and Green PE could look like and how Horn-Group Aps. can benefit from future Green PE project results.