Advanced power electronics (PE) is a key technology for developing next generation devices for efficient conversion, transmission, and consumption of energy from renewable sources. Green Power Electronics accelerates the market uptake of advanced PE for companies in the Baltic Sea Region.

Advanced PE relies on materials such as SiC (silicon carbide) or GaN (gallium nitride) which constitute the basis of innovative high performance semiconducting elements. Such elements are requested for the fabrication of efficient devices to be used under the harsh requirements of large scale renewable energy generators such as wind turbines. Integrated into, e.g., the power train of electric cars or the active feedback control of smart houses, this next generation power electronics leads to significant energy savings and enables sustainable energy consumption.

Transfer of knowledge about advanced PE from research to business is challenged by technical and economic barriers, as well as information gaps. Green PE mitigates these gaps by demonstrating technical solutions and economic potentials in power electronics. The project supports companies to adopt their business and innovation strategies to the new opportunities deriving from advanced PE.

Green Power Electronics provides a collaboration platform in the Baltic Sea Region for research institutions, established companies, and innovative start-ups. It initiates training workshops, on-company demonstrations, as well as consulting and matchmaking events.

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Project Data

    • 17 research institutions, companies and technology transfer partners
    • 36 months (2016 – 2019)
    • EUR 3.1 million budget
    • European Regional Development Fund
    • Interreg Baltic Sea Region programme
    • Led by University of Southern Denmark

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