Partners discuss project results

The Green PE partners and stakeholders came together at the 6th joint project meeting to discuss the project’s outputs during an activity session.

Furthermore, they focused on the lessons learned and the project’s current and future impact on the advanced power electronics (APE) market.
Due to an active knowledge exchange with experts, the Green PE project has a high impact on companies in the Baltic Sea Region when it comes to the increase of reliability of APEs and their competiveness within the different market fields. Additionally, the companies benefitted from the possibility to test their prototypes throughout the project within the Green PE’s pilot demonstrators. Besides, the participants agreed that the demonstration pilots made an easier access to public stakeholders and an involvement of public authorities possible. Nevertheless, the parties assessed the Green PE impact on the APE market lower for public stakeholders than for companies (medium) and research institutions (high) – a challenge for future collaborative networks.

Taking a look into the future, the partners concurred that all project partners and research institutions as well as the industry will use the main output of the evaluation and case studies of the demonstration pilots in their daily work. Cluster organisations will mainly benefit from the network of regional stakeholders and matchmaking activities concerning the marketing of products and the forming of new contacts with experts and companies.
All in all, the international and intersectional existing network and collaboration are one of the main outcomes of the Green PE project.