How to reach the project stakeholders?

Reaching the target groups of the Green PE project in the most effective way is one of the main tasks of project partner Lauma Muizniece from University of Latvia.
In our interview Lauma tells us about her role as a work package leader and the many challenges that come with that.

Which are your main activities within the Green PE project as the leader of a work package?
The work package 4 focuses on technology marketing. Basically, one of my main activities in the project is managing the work package itself, meaning that the University of Latvia and me as the work package leader are responsible for developing the marketing and communication material. We are also implementing the strategy and taking care of developing the stakeholder network, which means that we are gathering information regarding stakeholders and companies, public authorities and research organizations that work in the field. Basically, the goal is to decide how we can reach our target groups most effectively.

What targets of this project are the biggest challenges?
I think the biggest challenge lies in the fact that many countries are present in this project and of course the local economical eco and innovation systems are very different. The companies are different and their previous experiences are different, so tailoring an approach that suits all the target groups is quite a challenge – but we try to do our best.

What do you have learned within the project and its collaboration network?
Well, I think my personal learning experience (what really inspires me) is the fact that when people from different countries come together in such a project, we can really learn from each other and share our experiences. Although we are located quite close to each other, our experiences are very, very different and what we see in our daily lives, in working with companies and also in the cooperation between the companies and research organizations– that all leads to very different points of view. We can really share our experiences and I think we can also use this established consortium/network to continue collaborating and improving further to show the legacy of the project.

What is your overall impression of the Green PE project?

Well, in general, I think that these kinds of projects are very good not only for the consortium itself, but also for the stakeholders, as the project really establishes a link between the countries represented in the project. The activities we have carried out within the project create a kind of spill-over and we disseminate the knowledge we have created and share it not only among ourselves, but also our target groups and our usual communication partners, collaboration partners etc. I think this type of project is beneficial not only for the technical results we produce or the outputs of the project (demonstration pilots, the roadmap), but also for this network that we build and that will last after the project ends. We can really use this network to disseminate knowledge and improve the innovation systems in the Baltic Sea Region.