Pilot on Smart Houses from a different perspective

The impressive video about our pilot on Smart Houses is online! Green PE’s partner NATEK Power Systems AB gives an insight into one demonstrator of the pilot on Smart Houses: the family house in Växjö, Sweden.

To demonstrate the areas in which power electronics can be applied for, the systems of the pilot are installed at the University of Tartu and in that typical Swedish detached house.

The basic idea of this pilot is to demonstrate the advantages of PE-based energy solutions on the basis of the application directly in the house. They conceive PE-based systems for the optimisation of lighting, air conditioning and the use of other household appliances.

Smart houses are designed to save energy and reduce costs through the use of power electronics and intelligent control systems. This pilot on Smart Houses shall demonstrate new PE-based energy solutions and analyse the effect on the Baltic Sea Region industry.

Watch the full video on YouTube.