Networking at SCAPE 2018 (previously ISiCPEAW & IWBGPEAW)

Register now for the Stockholm Conference on Applications of Power Electronics (SCAPE) on June 11-12, 2018 in Stockholm, Sweden.
At this international event you will have the opportunity to participate in lively discussions about state-of-the-art applications of advanced power electronics as well as roadmapping methodologies. Furthermore, you will get the chance to meet up with key actors of the power electronic community. Green PE partner RISE Acreo AB is organising SCAPE 2018 together with WBG Power Center, in collaboration with Yole Développement and Enterprise Europe Network (with the support of the Swedish Energy Agency).

The conference will cover the latest results and innovations in power electronics applications of wide-bandgap (WBG) materials, such as silicon carbide and gallium nitride. SCAPE 2018 will continue the tradition of a preceding tutorial on June 10, where the participants will learn more about WBG device design and operation, packaging technology, system applications and device driver issues. The programme is defined by WBG experts and reflects the status of WBG from an industry point of view. Specialists from all over the world will present their views on current status, ongoing development and the opportunities of applications in the power electronics area. They will also present the latest products and solutions and offer their expertise during detailed technical discussions.

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In parallel with the workshop, a business to business (B2B) matchmaking event is arranged by Enterprise Europe Network. The matchmaking is a platform for discussion and exchange between research, product development and application. All participants will have the opportunity to book one-on-one meetings and come together with key actors of the power electronic community – a quick and easy way to meet with potential cooperation partners.

Please notice that this year, the participation of companies in the matchmaking event is free of charge and does not require the participants’ presence at the SCAPE 2018 conference.

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