Transition towards green growth

The 100% Climate Neutrality Conference – Solutions for crossing borders took place on October 4-5, 2017 in Sønderborg, Denmark. The main topic was ‘Smart & inclusive cities in a world of disruptions’. With 400 participants, the conference attracted specialists from all over Europe who were keen on finding the best solutions to reach climate goals on city, regional and national levels.

“At the Mads Clausen Institute, we are well aware of societal problems, not least climate change. We see it as part of our responsibility to invent the technological solutions that will make a difference to daily life, both regionally and globally,” says Horst-Günter Rubahn, Head of the Mads Clausen Institute (MCI) at the University of Southern Denmark and lead partner of the Green Power Electronics project.

Other project partners attended the conference as well: Teresita Qvarnström from Rise Acreo AB showed how the market uptake of advanced power electronics will foster the transition towards green growth. With his presentation entitled Customised Power Electronics for E-Mobility, Thomas Slivsgaard from Converdan A/S addressed topics like benefits of platform-based new product development in the field of electrical mobility, thus showing how to accelerate the innovation cycle and market acceptance of the energy efficient novel technology.

“I think the conference was very interesting for both the more general audience but also for the specialists within the various fields of green technology,” says Jesper Puggaard de Oliveira Hansen from the MCI.

The presentations and talks during conference made it very clear once more how urgent fast action on climate change is required and that the transition from conservative to green technologies is an important and necessary step towards 100 % climate neutrality.

Click here to watch a short film about this year’s 100% Climate Neutrality Conference, including some interviews from the first day of the conference.