Promoting the market uptake in Poland

On August 30, 2017 the Polish Chamber of Commerce for Electronics and Telecommunications (KIGEiT) conducted in its premises the 3rd edition of the roadmap workshop. The meeting was dedicated to the analysis of the up to date findings resulting from the roadmap, which provides knowledge about materials, devices, application fields, renewable energy sources and market potentials of advanced power electronics. The meeting offered as well the opportunity to answer questions to the prospects for the development of power electronics in Poland and worldwide.

The workshop participants approved the current findings of the roadmap, especially those referring to the Polish market. Eleven industry experts attended the meeting.

As a result of the discussion the participants formed the following main conclusions:

  • Power electronics entered the path of the rapid development,
  • EU countries, including Poland, have a competitive advantage over other economic areas,
  • The demand on the materials SiC and GaN will continue to grow, and the rate of growth will increase,
  • The popularisation of power electronics will accelerate the development of HVDC,
  • Power electronics will reduce the costs of electric cars, renewable energy and energy storages, power supplies, industrial electrical equipment, radio broadcasting systems (including in particular high frequencies),
  • The process of developing electronic components of power electronics can be accelerated by establishing programmes for the development of the materials technology, instruments and end equipment and furthermore, by integrating the efforts of large and medium-sized SMEs investment companies.

One of the workshop outcomes was the idea of establishing a new industry-working group at KIGEiT. The main tasks of this group will be the gathering of companies dealing with products and services in the field of power electronics as well as the academic groups should focus on the use of the semiconductor compounds based on the gallium nitrite and nitrites of other third group elements. The new working group will take an active interest in the use of results from the Green Power Electronics project.