3 Questions to Jan Luca Plewa

Jan Luca Plewa is the project board of international projects at Renewable Energy Hamburg and is responsible for operative and strategic tasks in the development of new markets and projects within the EU.

1. Which are your main activities within the Green PE project?
Renewable Energy Hamburg is a public private partnership (PPP) with more than 180 members in the renewable energy industry value chain. Our stronghold are wind power plants for onshore and offshore applications. Power electronics key components for their reliability. They can positively affect the product lifetime value and thereby help to achieve the lowest levelised cost of energy (LCOE). Therefore we are partner for the effective technology-transfer of the product roadmap and project deliverables towards our broad industry network in the sustainable energy field.

2. Which of your project aims imposes the biggest challenge?
Our biggest challenge is to reach out to the relevant and open-minded people in our member companies. Since the electronic components are core modules of their entire systems, they want to maintain their competitive edge. In addition electronics are an indicator for the quality of their product control, flexibility towards diverse international Grid-Codes and success of maintenance services. The electronic components are supposed to be the best hidden secrets but we are trying our best to build trust for collaboration.

3. How will Green PE change the present situation of power electronics in your region?
Our manufacturers are competing on a global scale with products that may have a low degree of vertical integration. Here innovation on the component level for advanced PE helps to scale competitive advantages and embed them into new platforms. This will convince their customers.

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