Polish IT companies discuss Technology Roadmap

The Second Polish workshop to discuss on the Green PE Technology Roadmap took place on 6th of March 2017.
It was integrated in the annual edition of the Time Economic Forum organised by the Polish Chamber of Commerce for Electronics and Telecommunications (KIGEiT) and supported by the Warsaw University of Technology. The workshop was a success and gathered around 25 companies operating within the IT sector.

The welcome speech of Stefan Kaminski, President of the Chamber, was followed by a status report on the technology and product roadmap developed so far by the project partners of the Green Power Electronics project. Mariusz Sochacki from the University explained how the technology roadmap would enhance the market uptake of advanced power electronics. The workshop participants discussed the optimisation of the regional relevance of the roadmap.

The presentation delivered by Mariusz Sochacki met with great interest so that participants discussed for 1,5 hours about the future of advanced power electronics, technical aspects of their implementation as well as barriers from economic and governmental perspective. The three pilots (renewable energies, e-mobility, smart houses) carried out within the project were presented, too, and demonstrated the benefits to the audience. The host is more than satisfied: Opinions collected during the workshop will make a significant contribution to regional input to the roadmap document.