Invitation to workshop at Fraunhofer ISIT

On 14th of March 2017 the Green PE project organises a regional stakeholder workshop on renewable energies. Target groups are industry and research institutions. The participants will add their regional perspective to the draft of the roadmap for advanced power electronics.

The three phases of the workshop will cover the following

  • Practical challenges from the renewable industry with power electronic devices
  • Barriers, market drivers, public promotion tools, strategic prospects, investments and competitiveness, profitability and usefulness for advanced power electronics
  • Scientific talks on GaN and SiC, and how these materials can be used in power electronic devices for the renewable industry

The workshop will be held at Fraunhofer ISIT-institute in Itzehoe, Germany.

For registration send an e-mail to Jesper Puggaard de Oliveira Hansen before the 28th of February. The workshop is free of charge.

Find here the detailed agenda.