3 questions to CLEANtech man Henrik Bjerregaard

Henrik Bjerregaard, is Head of Department of Smart Energy at the Danish CLEAN – a cluster organisation that develops and operates projects in four focus areas: Smart Energy, Environment, Smart City and Internationalisation.

  1. Which are your main activities within the Green PE project?
    CLEANs main activity in the project is to function as a technology transfer partner by involving relevant stakeholders in our region and coordinating relevant and exciting activities within the programme region.
  2. Which of the project aims imposes the biggest challenge from your point of view?
    In affecting, activating, and involving small and medium-sized enterprise in the process.
  3. How will Green PE change the present situation of power electronics in your region?
    We see this project as a unique opportunity for SME’s in our region to tap into the powerful innovations, which are generated in the region.

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