PE:Region: Danish-German Workshop on SiC and GaN

Project partner SDU participated for exchanging information of the latest developments and gaining new industrial network partners.

On 22 November 2016 the Interreg project PE:Region had a workshop on SiC and GaN power electronic devices for the Danish-German market targeting the corresponding industrial partners. Three sessions were held with regard to the energy efficient, reliable and compact high speed drive, the high-power onboard bidirectional battery charger and the intelligent grid integration of wind and sun. The workshops were a mixture of presentations about the current state of the demonstrators as well as discussions and advise on how to proceed to find the optimal solution in each case.

The Green PE partners participated in order to learn about the latest developments and to locate complementary fields of interest within high speed drives, battery chargers and controls for wind and sun energy. Moreover, the workshop gave the possibility to identify new industrial network partners for the Green PE project.

Find more workshop information on the PE:Region website