3 questions to Diana Naruševičiūtė, project manager

We continue our series of interviews with project partners. This time Diana Naruševičiūtė from Applied Research Institute for Prospective Technologies has answered.

1. Which are your main activities within the Green PE project?
Applied Research Institute for Prospective Technologies is a technology transfer partner for the Green PE project. Thus, our main activities are contributing to a transnational technology and product roadmap and its implementation strategy for this roadmap. We are focusing on the technology marketing concept development, as well as on enforcing and widening the industry and stakeholder network.

2. Which of the project aims imposes the biggest challenge from your point of view?
Our biggest challenge is to succeed engaging relevant stakeholders and companies in providing their input for the transnational technology and product roadmap.

3. How will Green PE change the present situation of power electronics in your region?
Green PE will help to reduce technical and economic barriers, to eliminate knowledge gaps and to increase the capacity of companies to adopt advanced PE in their business and R&I strategies for new products development.

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