3 questions to Horst-Günter Rubahn, lead partner

We start a series of short interviews with the partners of the Green Power Electronics project. First interviewee is Horst-Günther Rubahn, head of the Mads Clausen Institute at the University of Southern Denmark.

1. Which are your main activities within the Green PE project?
SDU is lead partner for the Green PE project. Our main activities are targeted on installing and maintaining a network of scientific and technological exchange on advanced power electronics within the Baltic Sea Region. We are developing together with the partners a transnational roadmap for advanced PE that should serve SMEs in the BSR to implement reliable next generation PE components in their production lines. In order to convince the SMEs of the usefulness and importance of those new components we run together with selected SMEs transnational demonstration pilots within electromobility, renewable energies and smart houses.

2. Which of your project aims imposes the biggest challenge?
Our biggest challenge is to reach both the executing engineers and the strategic decision makers within a significant amount of SMEs in all partner countries.

3. How will Green PE change the present situation of power electronics in your region?
Green PE will change policies (innovation strategies) at SMEs and that way have an influence on the policies of our municipalities, which in fact rely heavily on the SMEs.

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